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Small Businesses 

Co-work spaces 

Many of the traditional offices building and spaces will no longer be necessary as many companies will encourage more of their employees to continue to work from home, a concept that has been perfected during this Covid-19 pandemic. Let us know if we can help you to develop your scaling down strategy or to implement a strategy that supports smaller physical workspaces. 

Professional call-off contracts 

The ability to gain full-time assignments for many of the professionals that lost their employment during the COVID-19 pandemic will prove more difficult. In this respect, many professionals will have to offer their services to employers on a pay as you go basis or call off a contract basis. In this respect, an employer can use the services of a professional only when needed. And in the same vein, a professional may serve more than one employer at the same time. Contact us if you want to learn more. 

Micro Distributors 

The ability to penetrate markets will become more valuable, and many companies operating international operations may be less likely to operate large teams of salespeople that are crisscrossing the country. In this respect, we will see more companies depend on agents and distributors at the micro-level. We currently have a system to support corporations to achieve this. In addition, we are currently recruiting micro distributors in many locations. Contact us if you want to learn more. 

Food Processing 

The food industry will grow in value and importance in the coming months and years. This will place a huge premium on the professionals that have the skills to operate processing plants as well as those who sell processing technologies. The large demand for processed foods will effectively see a shift in investment going to this part of the economic value chain. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities in Cassava, groundnuts, and cashew processing. 

Food Trucks 

Fast food will make a monumental come back post COVID-19 as most restaurants have already implemented a takeout only model. The food truck is much more convenient that take out orders from a restaurant and much more inexpensive. Opportunities abound for those entrepreneurs will operate food trucks with specialized menus or national brands which can give customers the comfort of safety and quality at affordable prices. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities in this industry or to start your own food truck business. 

POST COVID-19 Small Business Investment Opportunities 

  • Invest in online and video-based education; Online education and support for online education at all levels, including video recording and online streaming. If you would like to invest in this industry please contact us. 
  • Invest in Transportation: Logistics and transportation are required for investors willing to take advantage of the rise in logistics, delivery, and transportation of goods. 
  • Invest in Food Processing: Processing Cassava into high-quality cassava flour is the next big thing in food processing. Please contact us for participation 
  • Invest in Food Hubs: Food hubs in various communities will continue to grow during this pandemic and post Covid-19. Please contact us for participation. 
  • Invest in Micro Distribution: Micro Distribution networks are the new normal post-COVID-19. Please contact us to participate. 
  • Invest in last-mile delivery: small units of motorcycle delivery plus rider are available for investors to take on and manage or just invest as a passive investor. Please contact us to participate. 
  • Invest in Micro Manufacturing: micro-manufacturing of fruit juices, books, toothpicks, peanut butter, hand sanitizer, face masks, etc. Please contact us to participate.