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Brand Extension

Many of the Conglomerates we work with have realized that their current product or service delivery has reached a saturation point in their market space. We therefore work with our clients to achieve brand extensions which can mean growing revenues from the same customers by offering new services and products that are not already in your typical brand line. Every company is different and it requires extensive planning, market assessments, and coordination to achieve an effective and successful brand extension. Let us work with you to increase your revenue post-COVID-19 using our proprietary brand extension strategy. 

Market Penetration

In the post-COVID-19 World, many large conglomerates will not maintain large sales teams. In addition, traveling by executives will be limited to only very important issues. In this respect, new market penetration for multinational products and services will have to be achieved by local professionals or local entrepreneurs. We work with conglomerates to identify and manage local entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve market penetration for new products during and post the pandemic. Let us support you to reach customers in the deep heart of Nigeria or Africa using our market penetration strategy.  

Global Capital

Project finance and venture finance will be very tricky in a post-COVID-19 World. Many Global financial institutions will be seeking more guaranteed returns for capital deployed which will depend on your location as well as your industry. We are working with a few International Financial Institutions who are seeking projects in Africa that meet certain criteria. Let us work with you to secure capital for your projects during and post COVID-19.